30000 MONKIES I Ate Myself to Grow Twice as Big – Vinyl LP (black)


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30000 MONKIES I Ate Myself to Grow Twice as Big – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl LP.

After having released two incredible EP’s and building up quite the live reputation, Belgium’s 30,000 Monkies finally are ready to storm into the limelight with their debut full album ‘I Ate Myself to Grow Twice as Big’.

Their very particular nonsensical sense of humor is a perfect companion to their music: absurdly, yet effortlessly, blending sludge, doom and solid riffing with noise and psychedelic drones, the band takes you to all kinds of places all at once.

30,000 Monkies is truly one of the most exciting young bands we heard in a long time. The band has been on our radar for quite a while now, and we’re really pleased to be able to present this monstrous sounding beast of an album. As the illegitimate child of a night full of debauchery between Sleep, The Melvins, Melt Banana, Harvey Milk, McLusky, Lightning Bolt and even Merzbow, the band most certainly ticks all the right boxes. Be prepared for this tasty feast