ATOMIC TRIP Strike #1 – Vinyl LP (uranium green | black)

WOOAAARGH, Violence in the Veins, Doom & Doomer Records, Rooster Records, The Eye of Moscow Records

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ATOMIC TRIP Strike #1 – Vinyl LP (uranium green | black)

Pressing info : First press on limited uranium green or black vinyl LP.

Take a breath. Drink a beer. Smoke weed. Relax. Drink another beer. Push the volume up. Press play. Explode. Get fuzzed.

The “Instrumental Doom album of 2017”, as proclaimed by the prophet CVLT Nation is finally out on wax!
Edition of about 200 “uranium green” and 200 “plutonium black”
Co-production by: Wooaaargh/Violence in the Veins/Doom & Doomer Records/Rooster Records/The Eye of Moscow Records
Artwork made by the one and only Jean-Luc Navette