ATOMIC TRIP Strike #1 – Vinyl LP (uranium green | black)

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WOOAAARGH, Violence in the Veins, Doom & Doomer Records, Rooster Records, The Eye of Moscow Records


ATOMIC TRIP Strike #1 – Vinyl LP (uranium green | black)

Pressing info : First press on limited uranium green or black vinyl LP.

Take a breath. Drink a beer. Smoke weed. Relax. Drink another beer. Push the volume up. Press play. Explode. Get fuzzed.

The « Instrumental Doom album of 2017 », as proclaimed by the prophet CVLT Nation is finally out on wax!
Edition of about 200 « uranium green » and 200 « plutonium black »
Co-production by: Wooaaargh/Violence in the Veins/Doom & Doomer Records/Rooster Records/The Eye of Moscow Records
Artwork made by the one and only Jean-Luc Navette