BIG OK S/t – Vinyl LP (black)


Gandula Records,  A Tant Rêver Du Roi

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BIG OK S/t – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl LP.

Recorded in 2 and a half days in November by Santi Garcia at Cal Pau recordings, using 12 microphones and a DI.
Assistant engineer: Borja Pérez del Pozo.
Mixed through Adam S4A speakers at Ultramarinos Costa Brava.
Mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos Mastering.
Album artwork by Big Ok, design layout by Edu Campos.
Released by Gandula & Chesapik + A Tant Rêver du Roi in France.
Coffee by Pavoni Euro Piccola.
Water by Bezoya.
The barking dogs are Popo, Bota and Pastora, in no particular order.