BLACK TOMB / CRUD Doom Is Dead – Vinyl LP (bone white)


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BLACK TOMB / CRUD Doom Is Dead – Vinyl LP (bone white)

Pressing info : First press on bone white vinyl LP. Limited to 200 copies.

Crud can hang with the darkest, most miserable sludge practitioners on the planet. Just look at new song “Catacombs” -Decibel Magazine

Despite logistical difficulties, it’s easy to imagine Crud’s music going down well in a live setting, and “Alone in Vain” is a great example of why; abyssal growls and wretched shrieks both ride above the sludgy guitars and drums which combine typical doom grooves with ferocious fills -Invisible Oranges

How do you like your doom? New England’s Black Tomb delivers it through a sludge-driven, nihilistic lens. Florida’s Crud, who channels a filthy death-doom that could make you soil your pants. Together, both acts bring a sinister, grim portrayal of doom metal that is certain to appease a listener’s darkest and ill-fated iterations -Metal Injection