BLACK TUSK TCBT – Vinyl LP (black)


Season Of Mist

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BLACK TUSK TCBT – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First press on black vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve with double sided insert and 60cm x 60cm poster.

T.C.B.T. by Black Tusk

There was blood, maybe a few tears too, but more than anything, it was sweat that markes this brand new release of BLACK TUSK called ‘TCBT’. BLACK TUSK show the world they lived through the kind of hardship and heartbreak that would cripple a lesser band, but it’s that dedication, gumption, and pure bullheaded stubbornness that took care of business, keeps taking care of business – and Taking Care of Black Tusk.

Side A
A Perfect View of Absolutely Nothing / Closed Eye / Agali / Lab Rat / Scalped / Ghosts Roam

Side B
Ill At Ease / Rest With the Dead / Never Ending Daymare / Orange Red Dead / Whispers / Burn the Stars

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