BLUES PILLS S/t – Vinyl 2xLP (black)


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BLUES PILLS S/t – Vinyl 2xLP (black)

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It´s been a long, hard and winding road for mankind, but in December 2011 the moment we´ve all – yet unknowingly and yet unaware of our coming salvation – been waiting for finally saw the light of day. Elin Larsson, Cory Berry and Zack Anderson, all just in their early twenties, formed a group which should quickly become one of the most acclaimed and interesting bands in music. Behold the birth of a new musical experience, an experience we thought was long gone, lost in time and space. Behold the birth of BLUES PILLS.

The young American-Swedish-French quartet create a very unique, intense and extraordinary rock atmosphere while at the same time having a major mainstream appeal that takes you right back to the time of BLUES PILLS’ ancestors Aretha Franklin, THE ORIGINAL FLEETWOOD MAC, LED ZEPPELIN, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and CREAM. Driving bass lines, grooving drums and guitar solos from another planet by the only 18 year old Dorian Sorriaux, harmonized and tied together with such easiness, such delight, by Elin’s incredible voice.

With the idea to take soul music, combined with blues and rock’n’roll and turn it into a new force of unimaginable energy, intensity and freshness, their blonde archangel & soul-saviour Elin Larsson will guide you gently into a new world, the band´s empire of soulful rock; her beautiful voice seems to be taking you beyond the stars to an infinite universe on a journey that appears endless in time, yet profound and revealing. Elin´s powerful lyrics are full of emotions, her jazzy-soulful voice never falls into the trap of an aestheticization of kitsch, but unfolds an outstanding beauty itself with a refreshing new take on the timeless and unquestionably noble art of rock `n` roll, touching your soul. After playing at Roadburn Festival as well as Desertfest Berlin in April 2013 as part of their first European headline tour, the band had also played a few selected summer festivals before embarking on the road again, this time as direct support of ORCHID. Last year also saw them heading to Australia for the very first time as they were invited to support their labelmates KADAVAR and having come back from down under, the band straight away returned to the studio to continue working on their debut record. They also took their time in between to head to Norway for a first ever headlining tour, another proof of how great the band’s demand has grown.

While having toured heavily across Europe and visiting Australia without even having an album out, Nuclear Blast released the highly-acclaimed EP »Devil Man« and a live EP including four tracks recorded at the legendary German WDR Rockpalast to appease the constantly growing hunger and demand, from both fans and media.

The band´s eagerly awaited self-titled debut album is going to be released on 25 July 2014 and is yet another document of their musical talent. It was recorded in Gothenburg with infamous producer Don Alsterberg (GRAVEYARD) and it is the product of a vision which was already beginning to manifest itself, before the thought was even imagined. It contains 10 songs filled with feelings of love and hate, joy and sadness, relaxation and frustration, all balancing together to form a whole picture which is the album »Blues Pills«.

„There are some hard times going on all over the world right now, and it seems to keep rising. Violence, hate and poverty are some peoples everyday life whether its from war, racism, gender, love, economy or sickness. We hope this album will bring a pause to people´s worried minds and fill their hearts with love and joy from the groovy tunes.“

The artwork is by the incredible artist Marijke Koger-Dunham and it was painted sometime in the late 60’s and because the band were looking for some 60’s inspired artwork, what could be better?

„For us as a band, it is a representation of the balance of life, as shown in all the symbolism of natural dualities such as darkness and light, sun and moon, life and death, etc. It shows how opposite forces are interconnected and compliment each other to form a whole. Besides that, it just looks absolutely amazing!“

So, sit back and relax and enjoy the elixir that is BLUES PILLS.