CAMILLA SPARKSSS Brutal – Vinyl LP (white)


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CAMILLA SPARKSSS Brutal – Vinyl LP (white)

Pressing info : 2020 repress on white vinyl LP. Limited to 150 copies.

BRUTAL’: extreme good / extreme bad. #nofilter #noinbetween
One: Forget this is the first track of the album and sometimes things that have been given priority for such a long period are best left behind. Are You Ok? A question we never ask around enough. Womanized: this is a very special song, it represents the album marvellously: transformation. So What: never take it too seriously because it will never take you as seriously. She’s A Dream: there’s nothing as mysterious or flattering as a gallant flirt. Psycho Lover: it’s awesome to fall in love, it’s horrific to loose love, both are equally dangerous yet everything in between is simply boring. Messing With You: crazy is the key, look into it – you’ll find yourself. Walt Deathney: craving for that happy ending. Nine: Sorry: this is the last track of the album serving closure, what better word to call upon the end?