DOZER Beyond Colossal – Vinyl LP (transparent green | black)

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Heavy Psych Sounds Records

DOZER Beyond Colossal – Vinyl LP (transparent green | black)

Pressing info : 2021 reissue on transparent green or black vinyl LP.

Beyond Colossal is the fulfillment of the promise 2005’s excellent Through the Eyes of Heathens began to see through. The sound is that of the band pushing itself harder, writing stronger songs and compromising none of their edge or aural passion. You can hear it on “Exoskeleton (Part II),” truncated here from its appearance with “Part I” on a 2007 split with Iceland‘s Brain Police, at the 1:39-mark launching of “The Ventriloquist,” on the more traditionally stoner “Grand Inquisitor” and even the quiet “Bound for Greatness” which closes out the album. Dozer are not only on top of their game, they’re well beyond it. – The Obelisk

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