GAY WITCH ABORTION Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior – Vinyl LP (green)


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GAY WITCH ABORTION Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior – Vinyl LP (green)

Pressing info : First pressing on green vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve. DL code included.

This duo of Shawn Walker and Jesse Bottomly combine together to puree a gigantic rhythmic stew of guitar and drums. Punishing and aggressive, a tornado’s ballad on it’s path of destruction. Real power, natural power, the sounds of Gay Witch Abortion. “Opporntunistic Smokescreen Behavior” is the band’s second official full-length release. This album is a punishingly brutal experiment in self-reflection and angst driven insights, forcing the listener to realize what is really in between your thoughts. Jesse and Shawn use the emotional strengths created by each of their unique instrumentations, to arrange the tracks in such a way it creates balance and chaos. “Opporntunistic Smokescreen Behavior” delivers with power and raw feelings. It slices deeper at the listener’s constitution, a hardy plate of riffs and rhythms that beg the question of how to digest it. FFO: Melvins, Big Business. Green vinyl in gatefold sleeve with digital download coupon. Limited to 500 copies out of 1000 in total.