HALSHUG Drøm – Vinyl LP (black)


Southern Lord

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HALSHUG Drøm – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First press on black vinyl LP.

Halshug, the Copenhagen-based trio, release a third studio album titled Drøm (“Dream”) this July through Southern Lord on LP and DL formats. On Drøm the band expand their sound from the dirgy d-beat of their earlier albums Sort sind (2016) and Blodets bånd (2015), and explore the dynamics of longer songs, more audible lyrics, and altered tempos, which result in different shades of industrial, dark-wave, and post-punk.

According to the trio, the title refers to a wider theme of the record which views dreams as “a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind. And also sort of a vision, or a wanting of something more than just what is.” The band continues “the dream is volatile. It can burst. One moment it felt real, and moments later it can’t even be recalled.”

Other ideas come into play too “a lot of the songs are about mirrors. The intimacy that is in privacy, alone with oneself. And the cathartic moments where interaction becomes wordless. They are mostly scenes or clips from dreams, that could have looked like either old movies or scenes from the hang-out area at a rave. Some of them are recollections of things that have happened, but most of them are dreamt or felt. Some songs are about dominance and submission, about letting go, either trusting or just not caring. Some of them are also statements, metaphorical or literate, about being subordinate as an individual in a complex power structure.”

To summarise on their intent, the band remark “the whole idea is to create a medium through which we can forward true human energy. It’s about lust, guts and a protest against reality. A wish of life. It’s not important to us what genre we end up playing, it just happened to be like this.”

Follows in the line of Sort Sind with some Black Flag like medium tempo as well as the ever raging D-beat but a few new ingredients have been added to the mix: A tiny dash of goth gloom, a pinch of fucked up electronics and a rather healthy dose of furious saxophones. That’s right, saxophones!!! Kinda like Fear sang ‘Copenhagen’s all right if you like saxophones!’. Some would say mature but that said, it’s all Halshug and all very very angry!

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