HEILUNG Lifa Iotungard – Vinyl 2xLP (crystal clear black marble | black)

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Season Of Mist

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Release date : 9 august 2024
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HEILUNG Lifa Iotungard – Vinyl 2xLP (crystal clear black marble | black)

Pressing info : First press on limited crystal clear with black marbled vinyl 2xLP or black vinyl 2xLP.

HEILUNG don’t play “shows”. They perform a ritual. Christopher Juul, Maria Franz, Kai Uwe Faust and their Nordic collective sweep audiences into rapture with throat singing, primordial rhythms, subtle electronic textures, a mesmerizing light show, an army of warriors and bursts of fire.
What better place on earth to experience their ancient ritual than the Red Rocks Amphitheatre? The world-famous venue – which is located outside of Denver, Colorado in the USA, tucked between two giant sandstones – was once home to indigenous tribes. When HEILUNG performed there in October 2021, they recognized this history by inviting Natives to join the prayer that opens all of their rituals.
“Remember that we all are brothers. All people, beasts, trees, and stones, and wind. We all descend from the one great being”.
What followed was a night that no one would forget. Experience the magic of HEILUNG’s very first Red Rocks performance again and again!


Front cover photo by Levan TK.
Album artwork by Kai Uwe Faust & Christopher Juul.

Side A: Opening Ceremony / In Maidjan / Alfadhirhaiti
Side B: Krigsgaldr / Hakkerskaldyr / Svanrand / Norupo
Side C: Othan / Traust
Side D: Elddansurin / Hamrer Hippyer

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