INWOLVES Involves – Vinyl LP (black)


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INWOLVES Involves – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : first pressing on black vinyl LP.

There are those who confirm, and those who confront and never stop transforming. Karen Willems, (previously) drummer with a.o. Yuko, Zita Swoon Group, Cycle with Dirk Serries, several side projects, and leader of Inwolves, firmly belongs to the latter category. The promise of Air + (2014) is now taken to its next logical phase, and what emerges is music that’s fit for dark and desperate times. Based on drums, guitar and synths (Jürgen De Blonde & Ward Dupan), the tracks on Inwolves have gained an intensity that was still lurking below the surface on the previous release.

Rooted in the kosmische Musik of the seventies, but also betraying connections to today’s recycling of analogue electronics and dynamic sound-painting, the music of Inwolves resides in a universe that is as ominous as it is electrifying, bringing together light and darkness, rhythm and texture, silence and movement.

The suite-like cohesion of this compact album further enforces Willems’ bold, multi-angle vision, which stays true to its ever-transforming nature and the organic interweaving of ideas, yet adds an urgency, cohesion and focus that allows the music to fluently skip from surprising intimacy and semi-industrial chaos to grand cinematic vistas. Inwolves is the next step in a world of endless possibilities.