KNUT Leftovers – Remastered 2020 – Vinyl LP (grey)


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KNUT Leftovers – Remastered 2020 – Vinyl LP (grey)

Pressing info : 2020 reissue on grey vinyl LP. First time on vinyl.

It is easy to assume that the soul of Swiss noise aggressors Knut’s sound is tortured and twisted, indeed little else fits the aggression and turbulence of its voice but it is a turmoil which breeds clamorous symphonies and records which devour and corrupt and in their own infernal way, seduce. The moment when the cacophonous siren call of their music truly took the world was the release of debut album, ‘Leftovers’ in 1997. It was an aural trespass which challenged and assaulted the senses, rising in the wake of the diversity of noise and extreme metal fuelled bands such as Neurosis, Carcass, Napalm Death, Godflesh, Coroner, Today Is The Day, Helmet, Melvins, and Eisenvater to leave its own indelible mark on the evolution of extreme temptation. Now the increasingly recognised seminal encounter has a long-awaited re-release, remastered by Lad Agabekov from Nostromo and on the much deserved vinyl format for the very first time through Hummus Records.

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