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LOMA PRIETA Self Portrait – Vinyl LP (solid red)

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LOMA PRIETA Self Portrait – Vinyl LP (solid red)

Pressing info : First pressing on solid red vinyl LP.

« Self Portrait » is a ten song masterwork from Loma Prieta. It was recorded by engineer Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio (Deafheaven). Opener « Love » layers unorthodox melodies amid a tangle of pensive, despondent vocals. These humanly complex qualities loudly bleed into every aspect of the album. Driven by feedback drenched guitar work « Black Square », « Roadside Cross », « Net Gain », and « More Perfect » all effortlessly veer from one post everything sub-genre to the next. Leading to the beautifully skewed « Nostalgia », a song that creeps from the haze with dark harmonic leanings. « Never Remember », « Merciless », and « Rings » venture down a similar crash and bang path before closer « Satellite » takes flight. An emotional epic that delves deep into introspection before finding total sonic obliteration.

Track Listing:
01. Love
02. Black Square
03. Roadside Cross
04. Net Gain
05. More Perfect
06. Nostalgia
07. Never Remember
08. Merciless
09. Rings
10. Satellite