LORD VICAR Fear No Pain – Vinyl 2xLP (clear)


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LORD VICAR Fear No Pain – Vinyl 2xLP (clear)

Pressing info : 2022 reissue on clear vinyl 2xLP.

Up the hammers, down the nails! Originally released in 2008, this classic doom metal debut album of Lord Vicar features powerful and mournful songs about survival, regret, love, and sacrificial duty. The unmistakable melancholy of this band is underlined by the acoustic passages of ’The Funeral Pyre’ that enhance the groovy and crushing riffs that otherwise alternate throughout the album. This music must have been uplifted from some kind of personal hell, but there is much pleasure in the way it was delivered.

As a bonus for this re-release, you have the partly remixed and fully remastered first EP of the band, originally released as a 7” in 2008 by I Hate Records. The Demon of Freedom took its subject matter from the novel The Wolf’s Bride, by Finnish author Aino Kallas.

Down The Nails 8:00
Pillars Under Water 5:06
Born Of A Jackal 7:21

The Spartan 10:36
A Man Called Horse 10:04

The Last Of The Templars 8:51
The Funeral Pyre 14:25

Becoming One With The Spirit Of The Forest
Running Into A Burning House

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