MARS RED SKY Dawn Of The Dusk – Vinyl LP (trans-lime marble | black)


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MARS RED SKY Dawn Of The Dusk – Vinyl LP (trans-lime marble | black)

Pressing info : First press on limited trans-lime marbled vinyl LP or black vinyl LP.

Mirror effects, reversals, double-dealing… This fifth studio effort from French heavy psychedelic cornerstones Mars Red Sky is a genuine conceptual piece of work skilfully designed to take the listener on a journey through a shifting, unpredictable and even utterly disconcerting sonic universe. The trio explore progressive and post-metal territories with boundless inspiration. Their original signature of jagged vocals and thundering rhythm is spiced up by acoustic elements, drones and various mid-kraut rock and mid-gothic effects. The atmospheres and settings are finely crafted and linked by Julien Pras’s voice, who brings a delicious pop languor. The eight-track record is packed with the band’s overflowing inspiration that have made their reputation in France and around the World over the last 10 years.

All songs by Mars Red Sky (Julien Pras, Jimmy Kinast, Mathieu Gazeau), except Maps Of Inferno by Mars Red Sky and Queen Of The Meadow (Helen Ferguson):
– Julien Pras: vocals, guitars, harmonica, broken piano.
– Jimmy Kinast: bass, drones, sound effects, lead vocals on The Final Round.
– Mathieu Gazeau: drums, percussions, rhodes.
– Helen Ferguson : vocals, backing vocals and autoharpe on Heavenly Bodies

Produced, recorded and mixed by Benjamin Mandeau at Cryogène Studio in Bègles, France and by Julien at Mad Reed studio in Bordeaux, France.
Mastering by Ladislav Agabekov at Caduceus Studio in Gimel, Switzerland.
Artwork by Carlos Olmo.

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