MODERN LIFE IS WAR Fever Hunting – Vinyl LP (black)


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MODERN LIFE IS WAR Fever Hunting – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : Third press on black vinyl LP.

Modern Life Is War are one of the most beloved bands in the punk rock/hardcore world of the last decade, appealing to everyone from the jaded to the driven. The band released three highly influential albums before announcing a temporary hiatus in 2007.

“Fever Hunting” is Modern Life is War’s triumphant 2013 return to form with original lineup of Chris Honeck, Matt Hoffman, Jeffrey Eaton, Tyler Oleson and John Eich. A true story of their coming of age, “Fever Hunting” plays as an open diary of their last five years. Exposing every frayed nerve that it’s creators carried deep within their hearts.

From the first strikes of the opener “Old Fears, New Frontiers” it’s apparent that Modern Life Is War have not lost a step in absence, but have quickened pace on their own path. From there, the outpouring is overwhelming as eleven songs unfurl with equal and unmatched emotional weight. All of them bravely moving forward rather than resting on past laurels. Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge) and mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise).