NECROWRETCH With Serpents Scourge – Vinyl LP (black)


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NECROWRETCH With Serpents Scourge – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : 2024 reissue on black vinyl LP. Gatefold  sleeve.

After the release of various much-praised demos and EP, NECROWRETCH put out their debut album “Putrid Death Sorcery” in January 2013 on Century Media Records. This album was justly considered one of the most bestial death metal releases of recent years. Since the release of the album, NECROWRETCH have strongly built up their reputation by touring with label mates MORBUS CHRON, playing the infamous Hell’s Pleasure festival as well as Party-San Open Air. In October of 2014 NECROWRETCH released the “Even Death May Die” 7inch that also featured a relentless cover version of the classic SLAYER tune “Black Magic”. “Even Death May Die” was a foretaste of what’s to come. The songs of the 7inch showed a darker, yet more focused side of the band, that not only helped to spread the band’s name further in the metal scene, but also got them a slot on Hell Fest Open Air 2015.

Now the grand masters of blasphemy have returned with their brand new album, “With Serpents Scourge”, which will be released in mid February 2015. With the recruitment of Ilmar as NECROWRETCH’s new drummer the band has managed to push their limits further than ever before, delivering their filthiest, most ruthless but yet most diverse material to date. NECROWRETCH have retained their bestial intensity while adding a touch of melody as well. Expect a ferocious mix of Sweden’s MERCILESS, the insane fury of classic IMPALED NAZARENE and a dose of mid 90’s black/death! Join the black death communion!