PERTURBATOR Lustful Sacraments – Vinyl 2xLP (cognac)


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PERTURBATOR Lustful Sacraments – Vinyl 2xLP (cognac)

Pressing info : First press on limited to 500 copies “cognac” vinyl 2xLP. Gatefold sleeve. France exclusive.

All tracks written, performed and produced by James « Perturbator » Kent.
Mix by James « Perturbator » Kent
Mastering by Jaime Gomez Arellano
All artworks by Mathias Leonard

Synths, drum programming, guitars, bass and vocals by James « Perturbator » Kent
Additional vocals on track 03 by Maniac 2121
Vocals, additional synths and guitars on track 04 by True Body
Vocals on track 05 by BELIAL
Vocals on track 07 by Maniac 2121
Vocals on track 09 by Hangman’s Chair

Special thanks goes to : Rita, Seb, Leo, Dylan, Mathias, Alice, Chris, Mehdi, Gost