POWER TRIP Nightmare Logic – Vinyl LP (picture disc | mint green | grey | black)

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POWER TRIP Nightmare Logic – Vinyl LP (picture disc | mint green | grey | black)

Pressing info : 2021 pressing on picture disc or mint green or grey or black vinyl LP.

The second crushing, soul mangling, neck bustin’ album from Texas hardcore thrashers: Power Trip. Quite possibly the best thrash album you will have heard in the last decade.
IMMENSE, MAMMOTH, MASSIVE. Recorded by Arthur Rizik (Inquisition) , mastered by Joel Grind (Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust) and features cover art by Paolo Girard.
POWER TRIP is a real band like no other. Their raw energy, musical proficiency, perfect song structure, rich tones, fierce riffs, persecution, and collective attitude have seeded them as one of the most prolific underground staples in the US metal, punk, and hardcore scenes.

All songs written & arranged by Blake Ibanez and Chris Ulsh
All lyrics by Riley Gale
Guitars recorded by Blake Ibanez
Drums recorded by Chris Ulsh
Leads by Blake Ibanez with the exception of
“If Not Us, Then Who?” by Chris Ulsh
Additional leads on “Crucifixation” by Arthur Rizk
Intro to Waiting Around To Die by prurient
all other noise by arthur rizk
Photography by Gabe Becerra, Kiabad Meza, Josh Huff, Aaron Herrera, Dan Rawe
Lucas Anderson, Taylor Wadley, Reggie Mccafferty, Sannosuke Atarashi
Angela Owens, Zoe Dillman, Sam Jameson, Michael Tan, Renate Winter, and more
Layout and design by Jose Gonza les

This album is dedicated to the memories of Timothy Butcher
Alex Baker, Josh Ferguson, Terry Iovino, Alex Korth, Jesus Talavera
Randall Watts, Luis Sanchez Amaro, Justin Delaney, Austin Stewart
Sammy Winston, Steven Lachin, and all our allies who fell too soon

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