SAM FLEISCH Nunna Daul Isunyi – Vinyl LP (black)


Teenage Menopause

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SAM FLEISCH Nunna Daul Isunyi – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl LP.

Here is the highly awaited debut album of Sylvain Klabfleisch, the influencial guitarist behind many bands these last years.  From Crane Angels to the livemachine J.C Satàn, everyone in the prolific south-western scene acclaimed this very influencial boy !  Let’s discover his world made of lightness !

Written and composed by Sylvain Albert Marie Kalbfleisch.
Recorded live in different places according to the songs, then produced, arranged and mixed by Stéphane Gillet and Sylvain at Fialho’s hideaway.
Vocals, guitar, bass: Sylvain. Drums,Bass: Stéphane Gillet. Violins: Tamara Goukassova.
Bigcity’scuriousweather was partly recorded live by Antoine Vo Van Tao on drums, Marion Guillard playing bass and Sylvain guitar.
Mastered by Stéphane Teynié at AD Mastering.
Artwork by Vincent Yoko.