SUPERSUCKERS Holdin’ The Bag – Vinyl LP (white)


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SUPERSUCKERS Holdin’ The Bag – Vinyl LP

Pressing info : 2016 pressing on AAAAAAAA vinyl LP.

The mighty SUPERSUCKERS (Eddie Spaghetti, Marty Chandler and drummer Captain Von Streicher) switch gears on this album, taking their rock down a country dirt road – kicking up dust with a posse of bad-asses, featuring the talents of outlaw singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, acclaimed alt-country songstress Lydia Loveless, Asleep at the Wheel fiddler Jason Roberts, Butthole Surfers member Jeff Pinkus, noted neo-honky-tonker Jesse Dayton, and Willie Nelson’s longtime harmonica sidekick Mickey Raphael.

The new album is called “Holdin’ The Bag” and was released on CD and Digital by ACETATE RECORDS in October of 2015. REPTILIAN is proud to bring you a limited VINYL version!

Eddie Spaghetti on the new album: “If you don’t like Holdin’ The Bag, then you really don’t like the Supersuckers,” Eddie says. “I really feel like this and Get The Hell are the best records we’ve ever made. I feel like, after 25 years, we’re finally getting the hang of this. We’re still that hungry little band that pictures itself being much bigger than it really is.”

Fans will most likely know about the fact that Eddie is fighting cancer after the
diagnosis of stage-3 throat cancer – so a word on this too:

Eddie: “It’s really humbling, and it’s great to know that so many people care,” Supersuckers leader Eddie Spaghetti says of the band’s fans, who have stepped up in droves to lend support following the front man’s recent diagnosis of stage-3 throat cancer. The indefatigable singer/bassist/songwriter’s illness — which coincides with release of the Supersuckers’ bracing new album Holdin’ The Bag — has forced the band to cancel a planned European tour and put their touring activities on temporary hold, while Eddie undergoes surgery, radiation treatment and rehab. Meanwhile, the Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight Fund has already raised more than $57,000 to help pay for his treatment, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the group’s fans.

If you like to know more or if you want to support Eddie please click below:

Tracklist LP

Side A
1. Holdin’ the bag
2. This Life… With You (feat. Hayes Carll)
3. High and Outside
4. Man On A Mission
5. I Can’t Cry (feat. Lydia Loveless)
6. Let’s Bounce

Side B
1. I Do What I Can
2. Jibber-Jabber
3. That’s How It Gets Done
4. Shimmy and Shake
5. All My Rowdy Friends
6. Georgia On A Fast Train (vinyl bonus track)

LP includes a download card!