SYNDROME Forever And A Day – Vinyl LP (black)


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SYNDROME Forever And A Day – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl LP.

After touring and gigging relentlessly all over the world, Mathieu Vandekerckhove (also Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah) locked himself in to compose the follow-up to the introspective journey that was 2012’s universally acclaimed masterpiece “Now and Forever”. The brand new album follows the same path of meditative drones and deep and subtle melodies, blurring lines between ambient and postrock music.

The journey that “Now and Forever” started is on “Forever and a Day” explored in more intricate depth, with layer upon layer of mesmerizing aural waves that floods and grabs its audience. The subtle but distinct contribution of Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Sembler Deah, Ovtrenoir) adds to the overall direction of the album, with melancholic and pensive moods being entangled with a sense of longing, aspiration and belief. “Forever and a Day” is another milestone in Vandekerckhove’s oeuvre.

Sculpture by Carlos Vandekerckhove

Sculpture photography by Jens Vranckx

Lay-out and design by Dehn Sora

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