TOTAL VICTORY The Pyramid Of Privilege – Vinyl LP (black)


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TOTAL VICTORY The Pyramid Of Privilege – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : 2019 reissue on black vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve.

The Pyramid of Privilege (2019 remaster) by Total Victory

On January 29th 2019 (or at least “at some point in late January”, I am very bad with dates) The Pyramid of Privilege, our first album originally released on some CD-Rs in 2011, is coming out on vinyl with a lovely gatefold sleeve. It’s been remastered and a couple of annoying errors that were on the original release have been eliminated. The release is being helmed by our friends Florian and Jennie aka Specific Recordings, and our other friends David and Helene at Kerviniou are involved too.

I played the test pressing recently. I was both taken aback (the sound is good, we wrote some decent songs) and taken back in time. Not to the recording of the record, but all the bits before the album materialised where we were just floundering looking for a sound and direction and using the band as a kind of social club.
I am constantly amazed that we got anything done, let alone four albums released by people we never knew and now call good friends. I’m welling up here a bit, reader.
What this release means for the future of the band I do not know. We have had to turn down some live shows to promote the release with a heavy heart. We’re looking at late 2019 for shows if we can.

So is the reissue a nice little bowtie on the 11.5 year history of the group? I can tell you this much: Total Victory haven’t practised in over a year and have all been in the same room on only one occasion (ML’s anniversary). The intent is there but the conditions of reality aren’t.

ML, along with TV tour drummer Andy and former TV guitarist Matt, have formed Ghost Bird while Martin continues happily with Horse Opera.