WOVENHAND Refractory Obdurate – Vinyl LP (red)


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WOVENHAND Refractory Obdurate – Vinyl LP (red)

Pressing info : First pressing, 2014, on red vinyl LP.

Wovenhand is a band led by dedicated life-musician and lyricist, David Eugene Edwards. Over the last two decades, his prolific work in both Wovenhand and the legendary 16 Horsepower has influenced and inspired a generation of musicians throughout the expansive alternative music world.

Wovenhand cannot be described in traditional terms. Their sound is an organic, weavework of neo-folk, post rock, punk, old-time, and alternative sounds. All coming together as a vehicle for David’s soulful expression and constant spiritual self exploration. Sometimes sad and sorrowed and at other times uplifting, Wovenhand are always unforgettable in spirit and sound.

« Refractory Obdurate » is the latest album from Wovenhand. Joining David on this album are longtime percussionist Ordy Garrison, along with musicians Chuck French and Neil Keener (Planes Mistaken For Stars, Git Some).

« Refractory Obdurate » is a moving masterwork that shows Wovenhand exploring louder roots hinted at on prior albums. As they maintain their melodious course, « Good Shepherd », « Field of Hedon », and « Hiss », stomp forth with a newly amplified punk rock heart. While « The Refractory », « Salome », and « Obdurate Obscura » each ascend epically into a multi-layered haze. Ten songs in all, « Refractory Obdurate » plays as a beautifully crafted patchwork that transcends genres and expectation; a true artistic achievement, that only Wovenhand could offer.