AARA Triade III: Nyx – Vinyl LP (gold black galaxy)


Debemur Morti Productions

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AARA Triade III: Nyx – Vinyl LP (gold black galaxy)

Pressing info : First pressing on gold black galaxy vinyl LP. Comes with a slipcase, a 2-page insert and a download card.

“Nyx” – the given name for the Greek goddess and embodiment of night – is the fittingly climatic dénouement of AARA’s album trilogy based upon the 1820 gothic novel “Melmoth the Wanderer” by Charles Maturin.

The Swiss melodic Black Metal band’s 5th full-length since 2019, “Triade III: Nyx” is a suite of emotionally sharp songs in which sublimated choirs, disembodied voices and myriad otherworldly textures preserve atmosphere while swarming, hyper-lyrical guitars and pounding jackhammer percussion provide Industrial-level tensile strength.

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