BACCHUS II – Vinyl LP (black in beer with splatters)


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BACCHUS II – Vinyl LP (black in beer with splatters)

Pressing info : First pressing on black in beer with splatters vinyl LP.

Formed in early 2020 and featuring individuals from bands such as ABYSSAL VACUUM, DYSYLUMN and OMINOUS SHRINE, French Psych-Black Metal voyagers BACCHUS present their intoxicating debut full-length, a fever dream where mysterious grandeur meets occult ritualistic madness.

Following hot on the heels of their head-expanding January 2021 self-titled debut EP, II is a hadron collider of emotive trance-like melodies and raw power – a vortex of swirling spaced-out synth, astral-travelling leads, hypnotic swinging rhythms and an array of vocal styles from wild on-the-edge yelling and possessed roars to throat-singing, subterranean growls and anthemic unison refrains.

Melancholic, atmospheric, awestruck and self-possessed, II is a Dionysian inward and outward trip into mind-altering Black Metal.

In the words of vocalist/guitarist Sébastien B:

“The music of BACCHUS draws inspiration from altered states induced by substance use and the intoxicating creativity that comes from it. Our music aims to take the audience on an introspective and psychedelic journey, with contrasting emotions. Ultimately the darkness emanates from inside, from the listeners themselves, and should be both exhilarating and disturbing.”

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