ABORTED Retrogore – Vinyl LP (black) + CD


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ABORTED Retrogore – Vinyl LP (black) + CD

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve. CD and poster included.

ABORTED have returned! Their 9th studio album, “Retrogore”, turned out to be the epitome of brutal death metal in 2016 and offers the band’s most mature material to date, adding a dark atmosphere to the relentlessly blasting death metal tunes. But besides the well-known delicious ingredients like furious drumming, utterly demented vocals, and a maelstrom of riffs, ABORTED have spiced up their sound with some new, surprising elements. There is a more epic approach on the songwriting and a sinister, yet beautiful melodiousness, thanks to the extremely talented guitar duo Mendel bij de Leij and Ian Jekelis. Noble 180 gram vinyl version with gatefold sleeve, poster and the entire album on CD (incl. 2 bonus tracks) as additional bonus.