BARONESS Stone – Vinyl LP (ruby red | black)


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BARONESS Stone – Vinyl LP (ruby red | black)

Pressing info : First press on limited ruby red vinyl LP or black vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve.

Grammy-nominated heavy rock band Baroness returns with their new album STONE. The Philadelphia quartet, consisting of John Baizley (guitar/vocals/illustration), Gina Gleason (guitar), Nick Jost (bass) and Sebastian Thomson (drums), has streamlined the massive multi-genre vocabulary of its critically acclaimed predecessor Gold & Grey (2019, DE# 14) on its sixth album, STONE. This is still very much Baroness – just refocused to be more efficient, and rethought as a result of stability. STONE’s most outstanding tracks, “Last Word,” “Beneath the Rose,” “Shine,” and “Anodyne,” reflect thoughtful, groovy, and effortlessly break tumult.

While Baroness wrote STONE, Baizley recorded and pre-mixed the album. After the group finished recording drums, guitars and bass, they took everything back to Baizley’s basement – where parts of Gold & Grey were also recorded – to record vocals and add other details. STONE was then turned over to Grammy-nominated mixmaster Joe Barresi (Kyuss, Alice In Chains) and Grammy-winning mastering guru Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Nirvana) at Gateway Mastering Studios for final mixing and polishing.

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