BOMBARDEMENT Le Futur Est Là – Vinyl LP (black)


Destructure Records, Symphony Of Destruction

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BOMBARDEMENT Le Futur Est Là – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : Second press on black vinyl LP.

As the sky is once again studded with bombs the history repeats itself endlessly. “A giant game of chess they play with you and I as the disposable pieces” isn’t it ? There will always be atrocities to document and to denounce. This record fits perfectly to the current context. The lyrics have never been so meaningful in the sense that they depict a world where the dark side of the human race has the upper hand, where scorn and hatred know no end. Do we need to tell you that this new offering from BOMBARDEMENT is their best record ever and that you will never get enough of this raging punk deluge ? Yes, the guitars are like sharp incisors starving for revenge. Yes, the vocals resonate like bomb alerts. The future is here and it’s no fairy tale.