DEWAERE Slot Logic – Vinyl LP (black)


Phantom Records, Bigoût Records

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DEWAERE Slot Logic – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : Second press on black vinyl LP. Limited to 300 copies.

Slot Logic by Dewaere

Dewaere is a french noise punk band from Saint-Brieuc claiming to play loud, heavy, noisy rock and influenced by 1990’s bands and postpunk. The band consists of vocalist Maxwell Farrington, guitarist Julien Henry, bassist Marc Aumont and drummer Hugues Le Corre.

If you had to live your last moments amongst piles of rubble, sporting your half shredded swimmers, walking around a pool miraculously still intact, Slot Logic by Dewaere would be the perfect sound track to suit such an apocalyptic occasion.

In amongst the album’s sour guitars and mg42 style rhythms, the intense, boiling sounds from Dewaere peak the adrenaline throws that your first grenade; while the heart drums fast, ready to pounce.

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