FRAIL BODY A Brief Memoriam – Vinyl LP (clear)


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FRAIL BODY A Brief Memoriam – Vinyl LP (clear)

Pressing info : 2023 repress on clear vinyl LP.

Frail Body is a hardcore/punk band from Rockford, IL that embodies the spirit and soul of what many define as “screamo”. “A Brief Memoriam” combines a new four-song recording session with their sought after “At Peace” session into one proper album. Both sessions were recorded by engineer Zack Farrar at Choir Room Audio. A-side opener “Pastel” erupts with unhinged emotion driven by discordant guitars and hyper-speed drumming. This leads to the powerful “Your Death Makes Me Wish Heaven Was Real” a moving song of mourning and remembrance. “Aperture” then explores concepts of identity and growth amid a tangle of beautiful musical debris. Lastly, the poignant “Tradition in Verses” unfurls with a ground shaking emotion that is hard to capture in words. The B-side of “A Brief Memoriam” is comprised of their incredible “At Peace” session; a recording that shows Frail Body even in their earliest state was a heartfelt, creative force.

Side A :
Pastel / Your Death Makes Me Wish Heaven Was Real / Aperture / Traditions in Verses

Side B :
Cold New Home / At Peace / Old Friends

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