IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Vile Luxury – Vinyl 2xLP (gold black mix | white black mix)


Throatruiner Records, Gilead Media

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Vile Luxury – Vinyl 2xLP (gold black mix | white black mix)

Pressing info : 2022 repress on gold and black mix vinyl 2xLP or white and black mix vinyl 2xLP.

New York’s nebulous, avant-garde metal outfit Imperial Triumphant redefine sonic darkness on their ambitious new album, “Vile Luxury”. A turbulent, frenetic take on experimental noise and progressive black metal, Imperial Triumphant embody the most austere side of the New York underground. Chaos, menagerie, and the perils of the city clash with its reputation for majesty and extravagance. The band aim to portray the juxtaposition between high society and urban decay. “Our city is like the corpse of a giant.” The band explains. “What was once so bright, grand and spectacular, is now filled with greedy maggots writhing towards their share of ‘success’. We don’t support it nor are we against. We only play the sounds of the New York City as we hear them.” “Vile Luxury” combines the various musical elements that follow well within the tradition of music in New York, a monolith of the Western world, of constant experimentation and appropriation of all things that enter it, never leaving the same as it came.

Track Listing
01. Swarming Opulence
02. Lower World
03. Gotham Luxe
04. Chernobyl Blues
05. Cosmopolis
06. Mother Machine
07. The Filth
08. Luxury In Death