JAMES DOMESTIC Carrion Repeating – Vinyl LP (black)


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JAMES DOMESTIC Carrion Repeating – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First press on black vinyl LP.

If you’ve had any interest in UK hardcore/punk over the past decade you’ll probably know James from many bands: THE DOMESTICS, who have blazed across Europe several times, plus PI$$ER, TOKYO LUNGS, and half a dozen others. This, however, is a very different beast.
Renaissance man? Perpetual dabbler? He’s a published poet, holds a doctorate (after leaving school with no more than a solitary A.S. Level and a deep-seated aversion to authority figures), writes three songs a day (“I’ll write three in my head, forget one, demo two, and throw one of those away ‘cos it’ll be crap…the third one will be great though!”), a soul/reggae DJ, published academic, producer, and originator of the cult term “East Anglian Hardcore”, which can be found emblazoned on many a local young punk in tattoo form, and on t-shirts around the world.
Material produced under the JAMES DOMESTIC banner blends post-punk, Krautrock, psychedelia, soul, funk, reggae, and punk, frequently utilising repetition as a bedrock for hook-laden gems. James nestles in that nook of singular British pop where MADNESS, IAN and BAXTER DURY, MARK E. SMITH, KEVIN ROWLAND, IVOR CUTLER, ROOTS MANUVA, BILLY CHILDISH, JOHN COOPER CLARKE, JONA LEWIE, ANDY PARTRIDGE, ROBERT WYATT, and SLEAFORD MODS reside. Add some KING TUBBY, FLIPPER and ESG, and you’re probably pressing your nose against the right window.
Now residing in Suffolk, his upbringing in the dismal, ailing seaside town that his East London-raised parents moved to when he was four, has certainly shaped his worldview. This was the place that merrily voted in the first UKIP MP in 2014, which paints a revealing picture. Luckily, he was gone by then (“I had to go; it would’ve killed me if I’d stayed any longer”).