JESSICA93 s/t – Vinyl LP (black)


Music Fear Satan, Teenage Menopause

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JESSICA93 s/t – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : Second pressing (2015) on black vinyl LP.

Music Fear Satan and Teenage Menopause Records team up again to repress the first JESSICA93 Ep initially released in 2012 by a bunch of labels. We can find on this record the most experimental tracks from Geoffroy Laporte like “Little Omar” (very doomy with heavy drums) or a potential hit like “Nepal” with catchy guitars loops. These four tracks bring now to light the beginning of this already cult musical project.

First JESSICA93 Maxi LP originally released late 2012 and now reissued.

Guitars, Bass Guitars, Rythms, Vocals : Geoffroy Laporte
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered : Robin
Studio EnjoY – Rouen – Aug 2011
A/W : Eric Bricka & MC Bo
Black vinyl

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