KARMA TO BURN V – Vinyl LP (purple | black)

Heavy Psych Sounds Records

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KARMA TO BURN V – Vinyl LP (purple | black)

Pressing info : 2022 reissue on purple vinyl LP or black vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve.

V is the fifth studio album released by the traditionally instrumental stoner rock band Karma to Burn in 2011.

Heavy Psych Sounds is now reissuing this psychedelic gem in brand new coloured vinyls and digipak.

With “Appalachian Incantation” marking a successfully reunion, ‘V’, containing eight tracks five instrumental -band’s well know formula- and three with vocals, puts another brick in the creative development on the part of the band.
‘47’,‘50’, ‘48’, ‘49’and ‘51’ are the five instrumentals . Heavy ball-breaking rock but also groovy songs which can easily get stuck in your head. Full of dirty and sludgy sounds, pretty technical but on the other hand delicious to the ear since they can be accessible to a wide audience.

’The Cynic’ and ‘Jimmy Dean’ are two of the three songs with vocals in this album. Vocals are by Daniel Davies from Year Long Disaster. Although ‘Karma To Burn’ is traditionally an instrumental stoner band, decided to include 3 non-instrumental songs in this album. Daniel’s vocals seem like they drive K2B songs on a higher level. A bit twisted vocals but so nicely fitted with these redundant tunes.