LE GRAND SBAM Vaisseau Monde – Vinyl LP (black)


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LE GRAND SBAM Vaisseau Monde – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl LP.

Mamcochon and Princess Goyaya keep the Grand Sbam’s Vessel World (Vaisseau Monde) in weightlessness thanks to their sweet and powerful voices.

They are assisted by four eminent specimens :
Acchiourdiou, the famous super-powerful percussionist pilot, known for her high precision worthy of an atomic clock.

El Glouton, greedy drummer with agile and independent members, more powerful than a black hole, who is also capable of improvising 30-part fugues.

Herr Bassone, 4-string soprano and bass guitarist, great master of heavy sound, he can make a lozenge vibrate.

L’Arbitre, great ubiquitous electro-pianist whistle in charge of unifying and tempering the multiple mind of the Grand Sbam.

Mélissa Acchiardi I vibraphone, percussions
Antoine Arnera I keyboards, composition
Boris Cassone I bass
Jessica Martin Maresco I vocals
Guilhem Meier I drums, composition
Marie Nachury I vocals

Recording I Rodolphe Moreira at Studio Pierrefilant
Mix & mastering I R3my Boy

Artwork I Chloé Bonnard
Layout I Judith Saurel

Administration I Adrien Arnera
Executive production I Clément Dupuis