NEW NOISE MAGAZINE #56 Sleaford Mods / Genghis Tron

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NEW NOISE MAGAZINE #56 Sleaford Mods / Genghis Tron

Couv : Sleaford Mods / Genghis Tron
Retro : Chokebore
Rétro : Coil
Graphiste : Metastazis/Valnoir
Biblio de Combat : Craig Davidson

Interviews :
Sleaford Mods, Genghis Tron, Cult Of Luna, Mogwai, Jesu, Eyehategod, John Carpenter, Viagra Boys, Mayhem, Blanck Mass, Chokebore, Hey Colossus, It It Anita, Loudblast, Soft Kill, Ils, portrayal of guilt, Wax Chattels, Molassess, Chaos E.T. Sexual, Void Paradigm, Melted Bodies, Vincas, Shifting, Exhalants, Doodseskader, Inflatable Dead Horse, Mephistofeles, Divide And Dissolve, Saor