PORTAL Outre – Vinyl LP (black)


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PORTAL Outre – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : 2017 repress on black vinyl LP. Comes in a Gatefold cover (printed with copper ink on black) with re-worked layout (under the bands supervision) and an exclusive audio mastering for this LP pressing only. The original cover artwork is featured inside of the gatefold cover.

Outre by PORTAL

“Outre” sees Portal take their adhering style of surreal demented bizarre death metal (although Portal really transcend such a term these days, especially in this day in age where most bands that pass as “death metal” present a feeble display, far from what true horrifying death metal should encompass) and take it to a much more disturbing paradigm, than was found on the band’s monumental “Seepia” observation.

Overall, such an album as “Outre” will only alienate Portal even more from the so-called death metal scene of today. Were most musicians like to play it safe and typical in such a genre, where things become easy to comprehend, Portal merely transcend all boundaries and go much beyond into a realm where no other band in the genre dare step foot in (on a musical and lyrical sense).

Portal on “Outre” are: The Curator (Vocal Chords, Pulpit Forecaster Dictatorship), Horror Illogium (Seven Deadly Sinews Of Enigmatic Trauma), Aphotic (Seven Maudlin Cacophonic Infrastructure), Elsewhere (Writhin Undertow Omnitidings & Rift), Monocular (The Hands Of Time)”

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