PORTAL Outre – Vinyl LP (black)


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PORTAL Outre – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : 2017 repress on black vinyl LP. Comes in a Gatefold cover (printed with copper ink on black) with re-worked layout (under the bands supervision) and an exclusive audio mastering for this LP pressing only. The original cover artwork is featured inside of the gatefold cover.

« Outre » sees Portal take their adhering style of surreal demented bizarre death metal (although Portal really transcend such a term these days, especially in this day in age where most bands that pass as « death metal » present a feeble display, far from what true horrifying death metal should encompass) and take it to a much more disturbing paradigm, than was found on the band’s monumental « Seepia » observation.

Overall, such an album as « Outre » will only alienate Portal even more from the so-called death metal scene of today. Were most musicians like to play it safe and typical in such a genre, where things become easy to comprehend, Portal merely transcend all boundaries and go much beyond into a realm where no other band in the genre dare step foot in (on a musical and lyrical sense).

Portal on « Outre » are: The Curator (Vocal Chords, Pulpit Forecaster Dictatorship), Horror Illogium (Seven Deadly Sinews Of Enigmatic Trauma), Aphotic (Seven Maudlin Cacophonic Infrastructure), Elsewhere (Writhin Undertow Omnitidings & Rift), Monocular (The Hands Of Time) »

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