UKANDANZ Kemekem ከ​መ​ከ​ም – Vinyl LP (black)


Compagnie 4000, Ouch! Records

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UKANDANZ Kemekem ከ​መ​ከ​ም – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First press on black vinyl LP.

Ukandanz is back with “Kemekem”, a few months after the release of an instrumental album. The combo finds its voice back with the iconic singer Asnake Gebreyes, still gushing on millennial energies from his native Ethiopa. Combining Ethiopian musical tradition with a contemporary and libertarian reinterpretation, Ukandanz continues its work of public utility with this new opus. With as much subtlety as savagery, the band offers a new version of the Ethiopian crunch whose it is an inestimable pioneer. The fundamental polyrhythms explode on contact with progressive rock, punk music and sound experiments of this pack tightened by years of live music. New instrumental textures stay printed from the last album recorded without Asnake Gebreyes. His come-back raises the temperature a bit more… He is an incandescent prophet of a powerful and unbridled celebration!

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