WITCHTHROAT SERPENT s/t – Vinyl LP (soft yellow | black)

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Heavy Psych Sounds Records

WITCHTHROAT SERPENT s/t – Vinyl LP (soft yellow | black)

Pressing info : 2024 reissue on soft yellow vinyl LP or black vinyl LP.

REISSUE of the debut album in brand new coloured vinyl versions.

The trio were formed at the end of 2011 by Fredrik Bolzann, leader of the avant garde black metal band Darvulia and former bassist of Malhkebre, who recruited bassist Lo Klav and drummer Niko Lass to help him realise his doom laden dreams. Mining a very similar territory to Witchsorrow, or the first Electric Wizard album, Witchthroat Serpent sound at once refreshingly distinct and instantly familiar. We have a feeling their eerie, heavy-as-balls sound is going to make doom fanatics across the globe very happy indeed…
The main success of Witchthroat’s Serpent’s self-titled doom debut lies in the contrast between the raw vocals and the fuzzy guitars, both of which are produced by Fredrik Bolzann.