BASTARD DISCO Warsaw Wasted Youth – Vinyl LP (black)

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Antena Krzyku

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BASTARD DISCO Warsaw Wasted Youth – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on 180g black vinyl LP.

The band was formed in August 2015, in Warsaw, as a result of an encounter of three migrants and one local. Two months later the band recorded their three-song demo, highly inspired by 90’s alternative. The demo was recorded in the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle by Michał Kupicz and mixed by Oles Kalmuk. Since then, the band played numerous shows in Warsaw supporting garage, noise-rock, hardcore punk and math-rock outfits.

In October 2016 the band finished recording their debut album titled „Warsaw Wasted Youth”. The album was recorded by Marcin Klimczak at Mustache Ministry Studio and will be published on vinyl and CD by Antena Krzyku on March 2017.

Band members:

Yury Kasyanenko: vocals
Kamil Fejfer: guitars
Paweł Cholewa: bass
Marek Kamiński: drums