FUGAZI The Argument – Vinyl LP (black)


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FUGAZI The Argument – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : ? repress on black vinyl LP.

This is Fugazi’s sixth full-length record, released in 2001.

Recorded at Inner Ear Studios in January and February of 2001 by Don Zientara and Fugazi.

Piano on “The Kill” and “Strangelight” recorded at Dischord House by Chad Clark.

Mixed at Inner Ear Studios on March and April 2001 by Fugazi and Don Zientara. Mix assistance on “Life and Limb” by Nick Pellicciotto.

Jerry Busher: Second drums on “Epic Problem,” “Oh,” and “Ex-Spectator” and percussion on “Cashout,” “The Kill,” “Stragelight,” “Nightshop,” and “Argument.”

Bridget Cross: Backing vocals on “Life and Limb” and “Full Disclosure.”
Kathi Wilcox: Second backing vocals on “Full Disclosure.”
Amy Domingues: Cello on 1., “Cashout,” and “Strangelight.”

Ian MacKaye – vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto – vocals & guitar
Joe Lally – bass & vocals on Track 6
Brendan Canty – drums
Jerry Busher – 2nd drums & percussion

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