NEIGE MORTE Trinnnt – Vinyl LP (black)


Division Records, Dullest Records, Grains Of Sand Records

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NEIGE MORTE Trinnnt – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : First press on black vinyl LP.

On this third album Neige Morte displays its more punishing songs ever. Filthy, relentless and truly insalubrious, their music is clearly not for every ear. Frontal blastbeats attack, gloomy & abstract parts, inhuman screams, everything is here reunited to give birth to your worst nightmare. The sound is as raw as it gets, the drums are furiously insane, the riffs are the incarnation of despair & depravity. This is black metal at its uttermost punishing level. Let the churches burn, my friends, let the great Horned one come take his throne, let the world sink down to the abyss.