OM Variations On A Theme – Vinyl LP (black)


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OM Variations On A Theme – Vinyl LP (black)

Pressing info : Repress on black vinyl LP.

OM reunites one of the most powerful rhythm sections in rock music: Al Cisneros [bass, vocals] and Chris Hakius [drums], both ex-members of the legendary Sleep. Variations on a Theme is comprised of three long songs employing a series of rhythmic chants whose cadence-like textural drive conveys flight. The album’s numerous lyrics serve as symbolist vehicles to a state outside the field of time and space. Variations on a Theme is a series of vibrations and flow. The opening track, »On The Mountain at Daw » is the thematic blueprint of the entire album; a transportive series of differentiated verse with sets of solid groove. « Kapil’s Them » furthers the motif while the closer « Annapurna » breaks the spell, where the final wash of sound reflects the infinite.

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