MONARCH Sabbracadaver – Vinyl 2xLP (black)


Music Fear Satan

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MONARCH Sabbracadaver – Vinyl 2xLP (black)

Pressing info : First pressing on black vinyl 2xLP.

One of Europe’s most recognized extreme doom metal bands, “Sabbracadaver” is the band’s most immense album to date, a ritualistic and enchanting work of down-tuned amplifier worship doom.
With “Sabbracadaver” MONARCH unearth a frightening nightmarish vision through a three-track 46-minute soundscape that torturously and painfully crawls yet at the same time enchants and seduces through its ethereal beckoning atmosphere. Forged by a heaving earth rumbling low-end rhythm section being harnessed by the plodding riffs of despair, and all held within the grips of the harsh and spellbinding vocals of Emilie Bresson, MONARCH have continued to raise the bar and push their own threshold with every succeeding release they unleash amongst their already expansive repertoire.
This is the vinyl edtion on MusicFearSatan (CD was released by Profound Lore Records) with a special etched D-side ! Pressing infos : 1.000 copies (300 on solid grey and 700 on black)

Recorded by Mick Summerton and Jason Fuller for Goatsound Recording at the Bendingo Hotel, Melbourne, Australie. Stéphane Krieger at Amanita Studios, Bayonne, France. Cyril Gachet in Bordeaux, France.

Artwork – Monarch
Bass – Michell Bidegain
Drums – Robert Shaffer
Drums, Guitar – Benjamin Sablon
Guitar – Romain Larregain, Shiran Kaidine, Stephane Miollan
Recorded By – Cyrille Gachet, Cyril Gachet, Jason Fuller, Mick Summerton, Stéphane Krieger
Vocals, Electronics – Emilie Bresson

Recorded At – Studio Amanita
Recorded At – Goatsound
Pressed By – MPO

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